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Karachi and the surrounding area, is located within the boundaries of the region called Paflagonya ancient ages. Early settlements in this area which is geographically very mixed bronze (bronze) era began in the late bronze age settlement is reached and a significant increase in density occurred in both dimensions. Hattusas found in the capital of the Hittite cuneiform texts, many of the mountains in this region who was an enemy combatant Kaska Halkı'nı hosted by the Hittite Empire is known to constantly. Therefore, over a large area in southern Paflagonya many mounds have been identified. These mounds are located at strategic points all of them and very close to the natural water resources and fertile land. There are many tumuli excavated illegally on the territory of Paflagonya.

 For this reason, the excavated tumuli tumuli dating is difficult, but on the basis of the material to begin the earliest Friğ'den be said to extend to the Hellenistic and even Roman times.
After the War of 1071 Malazgirt Turks began to advance rapidly into the interior of Anatolia. 1075 'also captured Iznik Suleiman Shah founded the Anatolian Seljuk State and then commander of Karachi and the surrounding cities conquered Karatekin Çankırı Ovacik on directed and 1084, Eskıpazar, seized Eflanı and Safranbolu. After this date, this land is uncovered changed hands between the Byzantines and the Turks. Son on the Anatolian Seljuk Empire between 1186 bölüştürmüştür

11. From that date, especially Ruknettin Malik, II. Suleiman Shah, Muhittin Massoud and expanded the boundaries of the Seljuk Gıyasettin Keyhüsrev. 1196 Ankara on side of Kastamonu Melik Muhiddin Massoud fought the Byzantines and a half years. Safranbolu catapults four months after encircling the conquered castle. Safranbolu took possession of the fortress and castle, taking the Turks in the region legally "Dadybra" the name "Zalifre as" changed. Due to the boundary region between the Seljuks and Byzantines and frequently changed hands again into the hands of the Turks was in 1213.
Region, respectively; Cobanoglu Principality, Principality Umuroğulları, Candar principality, ruled. In 1326, passed under Ottoman rule Safranbolu until 1416, has changed hands several times between the two parties is seen. Karachi in 1402 after the Battle of Ankara and its environs fell into the hands isfendiyaroğulları Principality. By the year 1416 by Mehmet Celebi at the end of the interregnum period of Ottoman domination was complete. Karachi and its environs as a final passing of the hands of the Ottomans in Bolu is connected to starboard. Bolu on 1694 and 1694 has been converted into

 Voyvodalık ensign lifted a history of Hatt-i Hümayunla connected to the newly created Voyvodalığına Viransehir. Voivodship was abolished Viransehir Viransehir on 1811 state ensign. Safranbolu was the administrative center of the hoist. Kastamonu, Karabük and its environs has remained committed to a long period of National Struggle years. Karabük Safranbolu is based in and around the events of this period developed. 1. During World War II, all of Karabük, Safranbolu, consisting of soldiers and the Nation Eflanı 42 Regiments, 7 or 8 people able to return from the Dardanelles front. Independence War, the Nationalists leather and footwear needs are met largely Safranbolu.
Today Karabük, Safranbolu, a district of 13-digit, while connected to the village of Öğlebeli Ankara-Zonguldak railway in 1934 with the opening of the station name for the first time began to appear on a map of the State Railways. Karabük history of the organization, as well as contemporaneous with the history of our Republic's history of industrialization. April 3, 1937 the great leader Atatürk 's directives, and by the time Prime Minister Ismet Inonu the basis of iron and steel factories in the process of industrialization in the country since that date will be discarded and replaced. Karachi Municipality in 1939, is the township in 1941. March 3, 1953 with law numbered 6068 in the town becomes. Republican decree No. 550 of the city of Karachi on June 6, 1995 78 replaces the system of provincial administration in Turkey.

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